Down the TBR Hole #7

Yep it’s that time again. The year end is getting closer and closer so I need to keep sorting. This is book 120-145 of the TBR pile. My TBR is currently at 469 books. As always, I’m mentioning this tag was created by Lost in a Story ! Honestly with 25 books to go through these are getting long so lets just just straight into it


121: Our Own Private Universe by Robin Talley: This is one of the maybes for my SapphicAThon TBR but regardless of it I get to it in December I still want to read it.   Verdict: it stays

122: Winning by Lara Deloza: This is a mean girls / pretty little liars type mash up with an antihero main character and an f/f romance. So I’m here for it. Verdict: keeping on tbr

123: Hunger by Elise Blackwell: This has been on my tbr for so long, but it’s literally impossible to get my hands on and I just don’t think I’m motivated enough to go to extreme lengths to get it.   Verdict: remove from tbr

124: Eyrie by Tim Winton: I want to read this eventually so it’s staying for now  Verdict: keep on tbr

125: The Exclusives by Rebecca Thornton: I added this because I loved the cover and it had a similar ish vibe to The Secret History but the reviews of it aren’t very good and I don’t think I’m interested enough to give it a go. In my experience books that promise to be like The Secret History disappoint me.   Verdict: delete from tbr

126: The Boat by Nam Le: I added this because we read a story from the collection in English this year and I really liked it. Verdict: keeping it on tbr

127: American Girls by Alison Umminger:  I’ve completely lost interest in read this to be honest.   Verdict: deleted

128: Beauty Queens by Libba Bray: I’ve been intrigued by this book ever since I read the premise and I still want to get to it.  verdict: stays

129: Get it Together, Delilah! by Erin Gough: An iconic addition to #LoveOzYa lgbt+ books so I need to read it eventually (hopefully soon) Verdict: staying

130: Feral Youth Anthology: I’m so excited about this, it’s about a diverse group of ten boys left in the wild to their own devices and it has some really cool contributors like Shaun David Hutchinson, Justina Ireland and Robin Talley! Verdict: keep on tbr

131: Gold Boy, Emerald Girl by Yiyun Li: This is a short story collection from a Chinese writer I really like so I want to read the whole thing eventually.  Verdict: remains on tbr

132: Ash by Malinda Lo: I’ve done this book dirty by not having read it yet.  Verdict: remains on tbr

133: The Education of Margot Sanchez by Lillian Rivera: I’m really excited to read this book about a girl from the Bronx since I know it’s got complicated family dynamics and an unlikeable main character.  Verdict: it stays

134: Adaptation by Malinda Lo: This series is on my to do list foe next year.  Verdict: remains on tbr

135: A Thousand Night by E.k Johnston: This one has kinda mixed reviews but since I really liked Exit, Pursued by a Bear by E.K Johnston I’m ready to give this a shot.   Verdict: remains on tbr

136: 127 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad: Not feeling this one any more and it doesn’t have very good reviews anyway  Verdict: deleted from tbr

137: Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith: This is m/m and it involves giant grasshoppers? sign me up?  Verdict: keeping on tbr

138: The Black Volume of the Dead by Cassandra Clare: Expected publication for this book was moved from 2018 to 2020 and thats just too far away for me to handle I don’t even know who I’m gonna be in 2020 what the fuck.  Verdict: remove from tbr because wtf 2020

139: The Realm of Harcilor by S. N Lemoing: I received this from the author to review.    Verdict: remains on tbr

140: Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody: I’m so excited to read this book because I know the main character is demisexual whoo hooo Verdict: remains on tbr

141: Daybreak Rising by Kiran Oliver: Reading this for SapphicAThon! Verdict: keep on tbr

142: The Kill Order by James Dashner: The Maze Runner was a good time in 2012 but now I’m over it.   Verdict: remove from tbr

143: Solitaire by Alice Oseman: I want to read this so bad I love Alice Oseman so much.   Verdict: remains on tbr

144: Little Bee by Chris Cleave:  This is about a Nigerian immigrant and it sounds very powerful.  Verdict: keep on tbr

145: Replica by Lauren Oliver: Don’t really have any interested in reading this, pretty sure it only ended up on my tbr because booktube hype.  Verdict: delete from tbr



Well another sort through down. I deleted seven this time, thats not too bad. I feel like I’m such a hoarder but alll wellll. My tbr is sitting at 461 now.

I think next year I’m gonna do a massive tbr purge but like, not deleting wise but reading wise. What I mean is, I’m going to read all the short things and easy things on there so heaps of it is cleared up? I don’t know I think think having a 450+ tbr is kinda ridiculous!

See you on Tuesday for the next Down The TBR Hole

xo jamieson

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