Books I Want to Read that Nobody Cares About

So this post is inspired by Ariel Bissett’s videos of the same name – basically, this is gonna be come books on my TBR that don’t really get hyped or talked about much at all but that I want to read. Who knows, maybe telling you all these books will make some of you want to read them too. They’re kind of a random mixed bunch of genres, so lets just jump in !



1: 2666 by Roberto Bolaño: This is a genre blend novel, but kind of a mystery, published after Roberto Bolaño passed away. Bolaño wrote one Amulet, which is a book I really love and this is supposed to be his magnum opus so I want to read it. But, it’s over 1000 pages long which is really intimidating, especially since his novels are hard to read (they’re translated works and very metaphorical)

2: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams: Tennessee Williams is one of my favourite playwrights. I’ve read and seen A Streetcar Named Desire and also seen The Glass Menagerie, so Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is the only one of his most famous works I still read to look at. I know this looks at lgbtq+ relationships and so I definitely want to read the script soon.

3: The Antagonists by Burgandi Rakoska: This book was inspired by this tumblr post where the author says that superhero politics are generally kind of ableist and villains would be better companions. It’s ownvoices about a black girl in a wheelchair to wants to join a hero group, gets rejected, and then joins the villain who turns out to be not so villainous in their own way. It explores grey morality and just sounds really good.

4: Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals Are? by Frans de Waal: This is a nonfiction book about how animals think and animal cognition. It just sounds really interesting and I think I’d definitely enjoy reading it.


5: The Children’s House of Belsen by Hetty Verome: This is Hetty Verome’s holocaust memoir about her experience throughout the war and especially the time she spent in The Children’s House of Belsen Concentration Camp.  I’ve met the author and she was so lovely. I’ve wanted to read this for ages and I haven’t got to it yet but some of my friends say it’s very good. But I know it’s going to be heavy and hard to read which is why I keep putting it off.

6: Daughter of the Gods: A Novel of Ancient Egypt: This is a historical fiction about Hatshepsut who becomes Pharaoh of Egypt in 1400BC. I am really enjoying historical fiction right now so I think I should really enjoy this.

7: Fire From Heaven by Mary Renault: Staying on the historical fiction trend, this is a historical fiction about Alexander the Great, focussing on his childhood and romance with Hephaistion, as well as relationship with his tutor Aristotle. I think it might kind of be in a similar vein to The Song of Achilles and I find this period very interesting so I think I’ll enjoy this.

8: I, Iago by Nicole Galland: This is an Othello retelling from Iago’s perspective which justifies why he does all that horrible stuff in Othello. Iago is such an interesting, brilliant and charismatic character so I think this retelling will be interesting and I’m intrigued to see how Galland spins Iago’s story.


That is all the books I’ll be talking about. I have some more books like this so if people are interested I can do a part two! I often find I don’t reach for these books since there’s no hype but I’m gonna try read a bunch of these this year.

What books have you got on your TBR that you think no body cares about, and what are they about?

Until next time!

xo jamieson

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