So today is a bit of a different kind of video, but it’s partly inspired by the Rip it or Ship It book tag, but mostly inspired by my times in the tumblr roleplay trenches.

So, one big aspect of tumblr rp was that people would always be shipping characters from different fandoms with eachother. And it was a fun, because there are so many characters from completely different worlds that I think would have a good dynamic.

So today I thought I’d discuss some characters from books that would be great friends or romantic partners with characters from other books (or maybe tv shows/movies because why not) Now obviously none of these are ever gonna happen ever, but I can still imagine it.


Emma Carstairs from The Dark Artifices  &
Malia from Teen Wolf

HERE’S WHY: First of all, Teen Wolf and the Shadowhunter verse have reasonable world crossover points. I mean it’s all supernatural. So It’s actually conceivable they could meet in the same world and actually .. not have that many complications? I mean, Werewolves are Known in the Shadowhunter world and I’m sure the Teen Wolf people wouldn’t blink at Shadowhunters at this point

But also, I feel like these two would get along so well. They’re actually kind of similar personality wise and would definitely roll with each others random impulses. But also they’re both very protective people so they’d keep each other safe and make sure they don’t do anything too dumb. They could keep up with each other and I feel like they’d also have a similar sense of humour. They’d be iconic friends and/or girlfriends to be hONEST.

Inej Ghafa from Six of Crows &
Lila Bard from A Darker Shade of Magic

WOW these two would make the most iconic pair. Both knife wielding badasses who want to be pirates? Amazing ! I THINK maybe Lila would annoy Inej just a smidge because she’s so reckless and Inej is more cautious and thoughtful, but I also think they would weigh each other out nicely. I definitely think they would egg each other into bad situations and trying really risky things. Would I ship them? Honestly, yes. Because I just feel they would be so funny together and have a really fun dynamic.

Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows &
Locke Lamora from The Lies of Locke Lamora

Staying with Six of Crows, Kaz and Locke are honestly SO similar. If they managed to team up no one would survive, they’re both so clever and love making plans to swindle people. I feel like they would have a very competitive dynamic where they’re both trying to outsmart and figure out the other person first. But it would definitely be interesting to see them together. ALSO they have such a similar sense of humour, I can see one of them firing off some snide remark and the other one snickering at it.

I don’t know if they would be a good ship though, I feel like both of them like to be the smartest person in the room too much and with these two there’s not much dividing them wits wise. So they’d kind of come into conflict. But they would make an iconic team up and they’d definitely work together if necessary, and respect each others abilities.

Henry Winters from The Secret History &
Gansey from The Raven Cycle

These two would have the longest, most distinguised and lowkey snobbish conversation of all time. It would go something like this

Gansey: Do you know who Glendower is

Henry, snobbishly: of course. I’ve read everything about him? Have you?

Gansey:  yes, in Latin, Welsh, Gaelic and English

What I’m saying is, they’re both pretentious, know it all nerds and they’d get along. I feel like Henry is potentially a bit of a corrupting force and might not be the best for Gansey really, but say he wasn’t such a bad person, they could be iconic. Also I would ship them if Henry wasn’t the worst (but he is so I’m on the fence) but I definitely feel like the two of them could have these long conversations and talk for hours and constantly interest eachother which is sweet. Although I don’t think the other Raven Boys The Secret History boys would get along that well.

Peter Parker &
Scott McCall from Teen Wolf

Since Peter Parker is technically still a book character I am including this because OH BOY it would work out SO GOOD. They’re both such sweet soft boys and actually have really similar personalities. This would be an iconic superhero team up – even though Scott isn’t really a superhero he’s still out here spending his days protecting people. They could do it together it’d be cute.

Also, they would both be aggressively protective of eachother because they’re both just like that, but also they would definitely get a long because they’re both nerds and would have a lot in common.


Okay, those are five crossover relationships I could get behind! I think all these characters would have such interesting dynamics together and would get a long so well.

I would literally pay some really good money to see some of my favourite series merged with other series (and I know fanfic exists but NOT ENOUGH)

do you have any crossover ships you love?

xo jamieson


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