This month is rewind month on Top 5 Wednesday. That means we rewind and complete some old topics we didn’t get to, or that were done before we joined Top 5 Wednesday.

I was looking through the old topics and came across this one and I LOVE IT. I’ve been doing LOTS of other thing recently beside reading (been in a bit of a slump sadly) so this topic was perfect.

These aren’t really in any order, but here is 5 things I am LOVING right now.


1: Netflix & catching up on TV shows: So recently I’ve been in a massive mood to catch up on some of the shows I started a while ago and never finished. I get in this mood every now and then, like it just feels SO GOOD to complete something.

I finished THE GOOD PLACE which is hilarious and I LOVE IT. It’s about a woman called Eleanor who dies and gets sent to “The Good Place” (essentially Heaven) because she’s in the top 0.01% of the best people who ever lived. The catch? They got the wrong girl, and the Eleanor we’re following is actually a TERRIBLE PERSON who is now determined to stay in the Good Place even though her being there is a mistake. It’s by the same people who created Brooklyn Nine Nine and it’s just hilarious and so clever. I love it.

I also finished SKAM and SENSE8 finally, which feels great. I have this habit where, if a show is ended, I won’t watch the final episode. Because then it’s truly over. But I finally finished them.

I’ve also been watching MAKING A MURDERER, JESSICA JONES and TROY: FALL OF A CITY which I’m liking. I started The Alienist and End of the F***ing World but didn’t like them as much. Also, I’m very excited to start 3% season two and DEAR WHITE PEOPLE season two as they’ve just come to Netflix.

2: 30 second chocolate puddings in a mug:

LISTEN. A little while ago I totally felt like a chocolate pudding for dessert but I couldn’t be bothered making one. Then I found this 30 SECOND RECIPE online and it’s literally changed my life. I’m not literally obsessed with these things and want to eat five a day. Are they healthy? no. Are they decent and fulfilling food? no. Do I absolutely enjoy them anyway?? Uhhh, yes I do. In fact, typing this makes me want to whip one up right now.

But seriously though, these puddings have been accompanying my nightly Netflix watches QUITE WELL.

3: Avengers: Infinity War: So I saw this movie on release day and needless to say IM OBSESSED. No spoilers, but that ending had me shook and I’ve spent my time since the movie to watch DOZENS of Avengers 4 theories and look up leaked set photos and investigate everything I can about Ant-Man. I am having such a good time. Honestly, I don’t know what to believe about the next movie but there’s so many awesome theories and it’s been so fun discussing them with people.

4: Buzzfeed Unsolved: Buzzfeed Unsolved has been a consistent favourite for literally months and months ever since I discovered it in late 2016/early 2017 but it’s airing right now which means I love it again. It’s about these two guys, Shane and Ryan, who are trying to catch ghosts on camera. Ryan is a full ghost believer where Shane is a sceptic. I like that they don’t fake evidence and most of the fun of the show comes from Shane and Ryan themselves. Even though the True Crime seasons are my favourites (in those seasons they investigate true crimes and possible suspects) supernatural is still really fun, and that’s what is currently airing. I just love Shane and Ryan, they’re hilarious together and the episodes are so fun. I always click on them the second they appear in my subscription box. Here is an episode from both Supernatural and True Crime.


5: Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: I got this palette for my birthday and I’m literally OBSESSED with it. I wanted it for so long because everyone says the formula is amazing and they were SO RIGHT. I love the shades and how easily everything goes on and blends, so it’s been a lot of fun to play with and create looks from. Also, it really makes me want the Soft Glam palette too.


I know this is a different kind of post but I hope people enjoyed it anyway! It’s definitely fun to talk about something beside books for a change (don’t worry though, next week Wednesday we’ll be back to the usual bookish posts)

What are some of your current non-book favourites?

until next time!

xo jamieson


  1. oh damn, I LOVE Troy Fall of a City. it’s so entertaining!! and caters to my nerd self. i’m on like episode four right now so no spoilers but glad we’re both watching!!


    1. OMG I think I’m mid episode 4 at the moment? I love it so much, especially the casting and ACHILLES AND PATROCLUS but I highkey hate Paris lmao. But yeah it’s so good? But I’m watching it so slowly because an hour episode feels like so long

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i always highkey hate Paris but this Paris at least doesn’t make me want to punch him 24/7 he’s such a fuckboy in the original myth


        also achilles and patroclus are always out here killin me softly


  2. Sense8 is technically not finished! We are getting a movie-like finale because there was so much outrage when the show was cancelled! It should be out really soon so there’s not too long to wait!


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