Well folks, I’m right back on that reading slump mood. I feel like with Marvel-A-Thon happening in June I pushed myself to read too hard and now I can’t be bothered doing it. Which is fine, the mood will come back. 

But because of that I’m just going to have a chill reading month. I already put out my TomeTopple TBR for the first two weeks, so I’m going to be following that on top of a more relaxed version of the structured TBR I did in May. Which basically means I’m going to choose out books for a few of categories I’m most interested in. Because I feel like any more forcing myself to read is just gonna further kill my motivation.  Plus, since I only have 2 weeks due to TomeTopple being the first two weeks of July it wouldn’t make sense to make the TBR full size anyway.

I think I might try squeeze in a reread too because those are always good for getting back in the reading mood! So with that all said lets just jump into the books on my TBR.



1: Running With Lions by Julian Winters: This is one of my most anticipated 2018 releases! I adore sport romances and this book, which follows a soccer teams and a friends to enemies to lovers m/m romance, seems right up my alley.

2: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid: I want to read this book so bad, I’ve heard so many amazing things about it and the f/f relationship that happens in it. I can’t wait to read this and I think I’m going to get it on Audible.


1: Circe by Madeline Miller: I can’t wait to read this book! Everyone is saying it’s really great and I love Madeline Miller’s writing. I kind of have a feeling I might like this even more than The Song of Achilles

2: I Am Out With Lanterns by Emily Gale: I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of this at the #PenguinTeenShowcase in Perth and I am so excited to read it. It follows six teenagers who are connected in different ways and it just sounds SO GOOOD. It’s also a #LoveOzYA title and obviously since I’m Australian I want to support those titles!

3: Gap Year in Ghost Town by Michael Pryor: Another #LoveOzYA title! I want to take this to Melbourne as that is where it is set. It follows two ghost hunters who are in charge of keeping the streets of Melbourne ghost free and it sounds so good, plus there is a sequel in the works!


1: The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavic: I’ve never actually reread this series even though it’s one of my favourite ever. I’ve been missing the characters so much lately and just really want to reread this. I love my exy kids

2: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: I started rereading this series for the first time last year but I only read book one. I’d like to keep working through my reread so I might pick this up. I can literally not remember a single thing that happened in this book so a reread should be interesting.


And that is my entire July TBR. This one is maybe a little boring but I would just like to have a nice relaxed month because June was hectic. Also, I’m going to Melbourne for nine days (!!!!!!) in July and won’t have much time for reading during that time Because I’ll be HITTING THOSE SLOPES 🏂  (and yes if you can’t already tell im EXCITED)

Now that that is all said, what is on your July TBR?

until next time!

xo jamieson

8 thoughts on “MY JULY TBR

  1. I feel you on the reading slump, I had the same thing happen after I pushed myself to finish my IndieAthon bingo back in March. Right now I’m just reading graphic novels + books under 160 pages.


    1. Whenever I’m in a slump I always read long books which seems to be the opposite of what everyone else does but it forces me to slow down and take my time reading which is good for me?? Readathons always kill my motivation to read it’s very annoying

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I never thought about it that way. For me, reading shorter books helps because I get through them quickly and I can say “wow, I already read 3 books!” even though they are only about 5-600 pages together. But different things work for different people 😀


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