FILM ADAPTATION FRIDAY (A new series to this blog!) – feat. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Hi everyone! So I’m here debuting a new series on this blog,FILM ADAPTATION FRIDAY. I was going to call it FANCAST FRIDAY but went with this for now, as an FYI it could change. Essentially what this series is gonna be is me .. talking about what the ideal adaptation for different books would look like for me. So that’s gonna include fancasting the characters, exploring the aesthetic, talking about who should direct it, what format should it be, and on what platform, and more!

Today I will be talking about Six of Crows. If anyone has suggestions of series/books you would like to see more do let me know! Anyway, lets just jump into the post so you can get a feel for what this series will be like.

Also, a disclaimer: This series is just for fun and I obviously have no involvement in film or anything like that. Also, the casting will be totally just a dream cast situation so obviously not everything I wish could happen could possibly happen. Just !! This isn’t gonna be That Deep okay. ALSO, A SPOILER WARNING FOR THE ENTIRE SIX OF CROWS DUOLOGY.


soc poster.jpg


Format: Limited series. Six of Crows is great because it’s a tight duology that perfectly raises tension and then resolves it in the second book. I think this would be really cool as a mini series. I’m thinking 7 parts. The first three would be book one and the next four would be book two. I think the first book has three distinct parts so it makes sense to have it in three episodes, the second book is more complex so it gets more episodes.

Director & Distributor: I think Netflix or Amazon Prime would be the best home for Six of Crows because it’s a show that needs to be released all at once rather than per episode. I think Bryan Fuller would be a good director for Six of Crows. I would want it to be super metaphorical and have artsy shots and he does that a lot, plus he directed American Gods and therefore can be trusted to make adaptations. Another director who could fit is Jean-Marc Vallee, he directed Big Little Lies and I think that series has a lot of elements I would like to see in Six of Crows.

Poster: This is my mock up poster. I ain’t no graphic designer but I did my best. I think showing Kaz over the buildings is kinda symbolic as in showing how he wants to dominate Ketterdam itself. But I would also love to see a poster that features all the characters with the “six dangerous outcasts, one impossible heist” tag line more exaggerated.


So, if this was to be a show,  I would kind of like to see the characters aged up a little? I always thought that they didn’t really feel like they were 16/17 in the books but I do think it’s good they’re that age in the books since it’s YA. However, TV shows can have older characters with younger audiences and that’s something that happens all the time, so I feel that would be something they could do with Six of Crows.

Regardless, for the sake of fan casting I had to age them up since it’s hard to find teen actors to cast as characters.  Also, I just want to reiterate this isn’t based on acting ability it’s literally all based on appearance ! Anyway, here is some fan casts!



Kaz Brekker → Thomas Hayes

I don’t know why but he’s so hard to fancast Kaz, no one looks like I imagine him. I ended up choosing Thomas Hayes because something about his face, especially his eyes, gives me Kaz vibes. If he had his hair changed a bit I feel like he would look a lot like I imagine Kaz.



Nina Zenik → Barbie Ferreira

Okay, this is THE most popular Nina fancast but I don’t even care I love it so much. Barie Ferreira is so stunning and gives off some real “mess with me and I’ll fuck you up” energy which happens to be Nina’s exact energy.



Matthias Hevlar → Christopher Mason Brown

He looks like a young Chris Hemsworth and for this exact reason he has to be Matthias. I mean, Matthias is described as being blonde, having blue eyes and being really conventionally attractive and that is what I’m giving you here. Also, this guy is BUILT and Matthias is supposed to be too.



Inej Ghafa → @ItsIrisia

When I first saw this fancast I speng ages cross searching the images to work out who it was. And I found out it’s an Instagram model called @ItsIrisia. They are of Trinidadian descent and I just think everything they post a picture that they remind me of Inej so much.



Wylan Van Eck → Max Barczuk

This is my RIDE OR DIE Wylan fan cast. Honestly Max Barczak looks exactly how I imagined Wylan. He has the soft kinda innocent looking features and the curly hair. The only problem is he’s not a strawberry blonde but I’m willing to work with it.



Jesper Fahey → Adonis Boss

This is a popular fancast I believe, but ever since I saw a picture of Adonis Bosso I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind for Jesper. I feel like it fits so perfectly, they’re even super tall and lanky like Jesper is supposed to be.



Kuwei Yul-Bo → Will Jay

Finally, my favourite chemistry nerd son. Will Jay gives me so many Kuwei vibes because he has this kind of cheeky/playful thing going on that Kuwei has too. Also, he looks so similar to how I imagine Kuwei, though in my head Kuwei has freckles? Regardless this is a perfect fit for me.




Like I mentioned earlier, I feel like this adaptation would work best if it was kinda dark and relied heavily on symbolic imagery. The book itself is already like that. For me one big thing I loved about the book is how it Went There. None of us expected Kaz Brekker to remove a mans eye in the first half of the book but he DID. I think the grittiness of the  story and how the characters are like, truly awful people, is one if it’s strengths. So I’d love to see them continue that by making the adaptation dark. Even aesthetic wise, having dark shots and a serious music score would kinda create the image of Ketterdam I see in my head.

I think symbolic imagery would be really important limited series, and that is why I chose Bryan Fuller as the director. He does this SO WELL. If you’ve seen either Hannibal or American Gods you know what I mean. The book relies on symbolism a lot – especially in regards to showing character development. I would love to see an adaptation carry this on.

One thing I would like to see changed from the book is the way flashbacks are handled. In the first book at least, the format is essentially: one chapter of action, one chapter of flashback. I think since this is a film format and there’s more chance to play around with flashback it would be cool to see some flashbacks intercut with the actual action. I would love to see some arsty things, like intercutting young images of Kaz with him now. Also, flashbacks at the beginning of the episode would work really nicely.

One thing that will be interesting about this is that Six of Crows itself relies heavily on timing to tell the story. Certain things are hidden from the reader depending on who’s narrating, and Leigh Bardugo very carefully chooses who will have each chapter to keep the reader guessing. I think maintaining this is so important, which is why I think it might be cool for them to give each episode to a different character. Each chapter is told from a different point of view, which is hard to do in movies, so making each episode “dedicated” to a different character would be neat. Obviously they would all still appear in each one, but having one episode explore one specific characters backstory and current situation would work well I think.

I also, finally, would love to see lots of banter scenes. This is one of my favourite parts of the book and I just would be upset if they cut out all the fun banter between the Dregs.

Things I don’t want to see
VOICE OVER. It’s too corny for this type of show.
BRIGHT SETS. I’m not joking the book itself has such a dark aesthetic I want this show to be DARK AND GLOOMY AND SPOOKY.
DREAM SEQUENCES. This is weird, but often when movies adapt books they put the flashback in a dream sequence. I think this kinda kills the point of the flashbacks in the book? The flashbacks contrast how the characters are now versus what they used to be like to make the motivations behind their actions more obvious and the loss of innocence becomes so obvious when you see the characters “then” and “now”. Thats why the flashbacks should be AMONGST the action because it forces you to confront the stark different between the character in the past and now while dream sequences don’t work as well to highlight that difference.


Okay that is everything for today! I hope everyone enjoyed this post, because I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else do a series like this and therefore I’m unsure if anyone cares. So please let me know if you would like to see more posts like these. I have a few weeks worth planned in my head so far.

I want to exaggerate this is entirely my own interpretation and opinions on what this adaptation should be and if you disagree that is fine. I don’t want people thinking I’m saying IT HAS TO BE THIS. This is just the kind of thing I think in my head when I dream about this adaptation. I’d love to know what everyone else thinks.

Okay, thankyou for reading! That really is everything. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this in the comments. I think it’s so interesting reading how other people interpret the characters and the potential look of an adaptation.

until next time!

xo jamieson


14 thoughts on “FILM ADAPTATION FRIDAY (A new series to this blog!) – feat. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

  1. Jami this is amazing and no offence but I hate you a lil bit because now I won’t live until Netflix pays you to create the six of crows mini series. This is EVERYTHING I’ve always wanted from SoC adaptation, from that poster (it’s so GOOD) to how the flashbacks should be handled.
    And not to be entirely selfish but might I suggest you do the foxhole court next :):) you know you want to sjsgsk


    1. LISTEN,,, I know fuck all about filming things really but I want Netflix to hire me to do this SO BAD because I have a very specific idea of this adaptation and anything else will disappoint me fjhdjgk. OK, but I was literally always planning on doing tfc because yes, you know I want to. SO IM GONNA TRY DO THAT ONE ASAP

      Liked by 1 person

      1. GO JAMI GIVE US THE SOC ADAPTATION WE DESERVE and while you’re at it the aftg one too aldjfkf listen if Netflix doesn’t hire you I’ll crowdfund you myself istg


  2. (full disclosure: I haven’t read the second book and I don’t want spoilers so I kinda just skimmed this, but)

    this is so good omg!! your fancasts are awesome, and while I didn’t read everything, it shows that you really put thought into the whole thing and not only the actors. I’m conflicted because I really don’t like visually dark shows, but I agree that bright sets wouldn’t really go with Six of Crows. maybe a sort of mix? like, using darker shades of colours but still using several colours and not just black-white-grey.


  3. I am absolutely in love with this post idea // SO MY CUP OF TEA. I’m hoping in the next four days I will pick up SoC and read it all lol July has escaped me.

    But seriously, this was such a fun post to read and I really truly love fancasts (actually all of your pics are new-to-me people). I love thinking about adaptations for books!! And although I only know what I know about the book from reviews, the cover, I think Bryan Fuller would be a fab choice to direct. Hannibal is such a gorgeous and unsettling show. Yes yes yes.

    Ohhh I would love to see a post like this for the Wayward Children series 😀 I’m on Down Among the Sticks and Bones right now ❤


  4. I love this series! The fancasts were all so on point, though I think I hated Thomas Hayes’ character so much in ‘Skam’ that I can’t see him as Kaz lol, but that’s just me, it was a good fancast. Now I really want to see an adaptation like this on Netflix!


    1. Thankyooou!! omg I know I hate William in skam so much too, but I honestly couldn’t think of anyone else who looked better than him in my head. I would love to see six of crows adapted I want it SO BADLY

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love your fancast for Inej!! This is a cool post series! I also agree that the characters didn’t feel like they’re 16/17. In fact, I was the same age as the characters when I read the book (only a year ago lol) and they seemed..a bit older and more mature. But that said, I also know they’ve had some very specific and unique experiences that forced them to grow up sooner and look after themselves.


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