FILM ADAPTATION FRIDAY: Wayward Children Series

Welcome back to Film Adaptation Friday!  If this is you’re first time here – this is a blog series I started in which I discuss what my perfect adaptation for various books would look like.  Last week I did The Foxhole Court and this week we’re doing The Wayward Children Series by Seanan McGuire! You may also know this series as the Every Heart a Doorway series since people commonly refer to them that way too!
This was suggested by Cade so thankyou for the suggestion!  If you have a suggestion feel free to leave them in the comments because I’d love more ideas for this series.  With that being said, lets jump into the post!

standard disclaimer: This series is just for fun and I obviously have no involvement in a film or anything like that. The casting will be totally just a dream cast situation and therefore not everything I wish will / could possibly happen. Just !! This isn’t gonna be That Deep okay. ALSO, A SPOILER WARNING FOR THE WAYWARD CHILDREN SERIES.  Though I do try to keep spoils to a minimum.


Format: Movie or movie length TV series. I think Every Heart a Doorway would work as both a movie and a movie length TV series. If it was a TV series, it should be one of those ones where every episode is an hour and a half long, and each episode can be one book. Otherwise just regular movies. Movies are so long though nowadays, I feel like this adaptation would only need 90 minutes per book rather than 120+.

One thing that is great about this format is that, since Seanan McGuire keeps making books that are loosely connected, it wouldn’t necessarily be a linked series. You could watch them in any order even though they’re part of the same wider universe.

I also think this would be really neat as an animation! Especially the later books set in other world. Animation leaves room for some really fun designs and colour palette and I definitely think this would translate beautifully as an animated fantasy.

Director & Distributor: I think BBC would actually be a really cool home for this if it was a live action TV show. BBC makes some super unique shows and the thing about this is, there’s not much else like it out there. It’s got children as the main characters but is kinda written for adults and has fantasy elements? Plus they’ve tried and true for long episode tv show formats.


Animated, I would honestly love to see the creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender do this because they created my favourite animated fantasy world ever and I’d love to see how they imagine and create the other world like The Moors and Candyland especially.

Poster: This isn’t my favourite poster but it’ll DO. I wanted to incorporate the kinda whimsy feel of the book and sort of capture that concept that the kids are caught between two worlds. I also kept the text like that to match the book cover. But this model is too old to be any of the children and I think it doesn’t really capture the portal element.



Deviating from the usual path, I decided not to do fancasts for this series. First of all, I think it’d be most effective as a series if they actually cast kids and not adults playing kids. I feel kind of weird about fancasting child actors,  but all I’ll say is I definitely would like to them to ensure they keep the characters accurate to the age of the book characters. Because the point of the book itself is that all of them are just kids. Also, they need to cast accurately in terms of representation. Like, Cora has to be a fat girl and Kade should be played by a trans boy ec cetera.


So instead of doing fan casts, I decided to do something else and so some SETTING CASTS. These are basically just gonna be some pictures conceptualising what the setting could look like for each world.







  • LOTS OF COLOUR! These books are so fun and bright and just have a really warm vibe and I’d love that to be reflected through having a kinda more upbeat aesthetic. I love how wholesome these books feel so I wouldn’t want an adaptation to be too gritty or anything
  • ACCURATE CASTING. I already said this earlier but it’s so important they get this right. The diverse cast is such an important part of these books and the way they interact with eachother, the world, and their worlds. So it needs to be represented in an adaptation.
  • GOOD CAST CHEMISTRY. one of my favourite things about these books is the dynamic between the kids. They’re so cute together and I just love all the scene of their banter and conversations. So the cast having really good chemistry would definitely make this aspect stand out!
  • NEW CHARACTERS! I would love to see some new characters, while I love the original cast seeing some original characters could be really fun. I would definitely be here for it, and there’s SO MUCH potential for backstory given the worldbuilding.


  • Grittiness. I swear to GOD. So many shows have to make the drama so gritty and violent and this movie/show doesn’t need it! It can be sweet and fun just like the books. While there is still drama and bad things happening (murder!) it’s not super gritty or violent. It’s mostly still about each characters individual growth!


And that is it for today folks! I hope you enjoyed this post even though I changed up the format a bit. I am loving this series so much,  and I’m glad so many of you have been so enthusiastic about it too! As always, leave your ideas for this adaptation in the comments. I would love to see some other ideas.

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until next time!

xo jamieson

8 thoughts on “FILM ADAPTATION FRIDAY: Wayward Children Series

  1. Everything about this post! 👌👌👌 I’d also love to see them actually include the diversity as well! An ace mc?? A fat mc?? It would defeat the purpose to make everyone blond, skinny and blue eyed!


  2. !!!! Yay! So glad you did this series 😀

    Ohhhh I really like the idea of this being an animated limited series! I love the idea of AtLA creators tackling it, but I think it could also be cool if each book had its own animation style, since the different worlds lend so much to different moods/aesthetics. Loved your aesthetic photo collages too ❤ And the opportunity to cast accurate diverse rep?? So cool.

    Thanks for choosing Wayward Children. Can't wait to see what you feature next!


    1. HOLY SHIT yes that would be SO COOL. Like if all of them were different it would definitely add to the idea that each world is so unique. Yes I would love to see that so much.

      Thankyou so much for suggesting it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Animation would indeed be neat! And I love the poster 😀 I agree that the model looks too old but I like the whimsical feel and the hair blending into trees.

    Nooo, no fancasts T___T I understand your reasons though. I suddenly can’t recall how old the characters are actually.

    This series definitely gets brutal and violent, but I agree that it’s not really gritty. E.g. all of Jack’s morbid jokes in Every Heart a Doorway.


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