Welcome back to Film Adaptation Friday!  If this is you’re first time here – this is a blog series I started in which I discuss what my perfect adaptation for various books would look like.  Last week I did The Wayward Children Series and this week we’re doing The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid! This is one o my favourite books I have read this year and so I am so excited to be writing up this post.

Also, if you missed my twitter announcement, I’ve decided to make this a bi-weekly rather than weekly post. These posts a lot of work and it’s much easier for me to manage a post every two weeks! So yeah, sorry all but I hope you can understand !

If you have a suggestion for future posts in this series feel free to leave them in the comments because I’d love more ideas.  With that being said, lets jump into the post!

standard disclaimer: This series is just for fun and I obviously have no involvement in a film or anything like that. The casting will be totally just a dream cast situation and therefore not everything I wish will / could possibly happen. Just !! This isn’t gonna be That Deep okay. ALSO, A SPOILER WARNING FOR THE SEVEN HUSBANDS OF EVELYN HUGO.  Though I do try to keep spoils to a minimum.


Format: Movie or limited TV series. I would actually love this as a movie. And this is coming from me, a big TV show fan. But this specific format that Evelyn Hugo uses translates really well to movies, and we’ve seen that in big hits recently like I, Tonya. So movie, although a limited series with each episode covering one or two different husbands would work GREAT as well.

Director & Distributor: I would love to see Reese Witherspoon produce this. First of all, she picked up Daisy Jones & The Six (Taylor Jenkins upcoming novel!) which means I just feel like it’d work if she had Evelyn Hugo too. Reese Witherspoons production company puts out some excellent titles like Gone Girl and Big Little Lies with well-written, female-centred narratives which is what we need for Evelyn.


Poster: So I basically started by looking up posters for similar style movies and there was a lot of range but what I did notice for ‘adult’ movies is that there’s always a title on a block underneath. I decided to try and incorporate that with a reimagining of the paperback book cover which I think is beautiful and perfect

I don’t know if this really captures what this movie is about but I did think it was at least kind of glamorous like Evelyn Hugo.



There is ALOT of fancasts for this series. All the characters would need multiple actors since this book tracks their lives over years. So I decided to just go with younger flashbacks that would be used for the majority of the flashbacks.

Related image

Monique Grant  Logan Browning

I love Logan Browning, she’s an excellent actress and I love her part in Dear White People. Browning is biracial like Monique. Maybe it’s because of her role in Dear White People but I definitely could see her portraying Monique perfectly, especially as she developed and becomes more outspoken and feisty.



Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 8.58.32 pm.png

Evelyn Hugo → Priscilla Torres @thefashionmuse_ 

Priscilla Torres is Cuban, so lets just put that out here first! Evelyn Hugo CANNOT be whitewashed in this movie. Priscilla Torres is an instagrammer and I just think her whole look captured Evelyn Hugo perfectly. I can totally see her with the blonde hair and the full Evelyn look. She’s stunning and has a totally classic look.



Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.30.52 pm.png

Celia St. James → Darya Lebedeva

I don’t exactly know what Darya Lebedeva does but ever since I her saw her picture I thought she looked like Celia. She has that girl next door like whilst also being really, really pretty which is what Celia is supposed to be. Also, I could totally see Amy Adams playing adult Celia because the two look SO SIMILAR.



Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.59.33 pm.png

Harry Cameron  Colton Haynes

Okay casting Harry was kind of difficult. I don’t know he was always just described as dapper and charming. I could see Colin Firth as adult him maybe. But Colton Haynes is who I chose, I just thought he had that kinda classic handome dapper look that Harry is supposed to have. Also I think it’s a double bonus to have a gay man play a gay character.




  • ALL the glamour: One of my favourite things about this book was how glamorous it felt. I really want them to LAYER that on in this. It will not only make it more authentic but it’ll definitely capture the atmosphere I loved so much about the book. The fact is, we all love Old Hollywood Glamour
  • Actually show the diversity: I don’t trust film companies AT ALL. Honestly they’re just as likely to be like “oh the f/f romance isn’t central to the story”. fuck that noise. I want them to actually be faithful to the characters and show that Evelyn is bi and Cuban, Harry is gay and Celia is a lesbian. It’s what we all deserve
  • A good mix of current events and flashback: one of my favourite things about the book is how the events in the past are connected to those now, and that Monique feeds off Evelyn’s stories. Monique’s perceptions of her life shift because of Evelyn and that is shown by contrasting the current and past events. So I would like them to mix up the past and present rather than showing it chronologically.
  • Focus on all the characters: It would be such a shame if they didn’t focus on all the characters like they do in the books. I really want Celia, Harry and John to have all their stories explored like in the books!
  • Realism: One thing I thought was really cool about the book was that it seemed so realistic it was like Evelyn Hugo was a completely real celebrity. I think they really should maintain that hyper realism because it was one of the best parts of the book.
  • Cast Old Hollywood celebrities: Kinda related to the above, I think it would be cool if they cast some real celebrities from the time to appear in the movie. It would only need to be a moment but it’d really  add to the idea that Evelyn Hugo is embedded within the zeitgeist and cultural history of Hollywood.
  • Beautiful shots: I think this would be so much better if it was beautifully shot and had a really lovely aesthetic. It’s a heavy book but it’s so beautiful and I feel like shots that aren’t highbrow but are really beautiful would suit this perfectly.

Things I don’t want to see

  • Too dramatic a soundtrack: I think too much music and too campy music would really break the realism and tension of some scenes. A clever soundtrack, or even some silent parts, would be much more effective and capture the mood of the book better.
  • Something tacky: I know this is right on with point one but I so don’t want this to feel tacky and cheap. It should feel like a high class well produced and well shot piece. Kind of like the book in how it feels like every piece is perfectly placed.


That is all for this weeks Film Adaptation Friday! Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. As always, please let me know what you would like to see in this adaptation. I can’t wait to talk with you all in the comments.

until next time!

xo jamieson


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this post, this book, and this wonderful idea! I agree with everything you said and Evelyn Hugo is hands down my favorite book of the year. And we stan Evelyn Hugo because she is such an icon and I adore her.


  2. I love the cast you chose! And yes, they’d need to get how realistic it is! It needs to make people wonder if Evelyn Hugo was actually a real person and being devastated to discover she’s not!


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