Hello all !   Today I’m writing a post I’ve been working on for AGES – TV shows to watch if you like certain books. Or, the reverse. If you like these TV shows you’ll like these books!

I have a WHOLE bunch of ideas for this, and I keep adding more and more as I watch more shows and read more books. So for now I’ll do this as part one and if you would like to see a part two, let me know!

Obviously you can’t always find the perfect match, but these are some shows/books I think have similar elements and vibes, and that you will probably like if you enjoy the other.   lets get into it!



Lets start with an absolute fan favourite – Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. Most people probably know already that this follows a group of thieves who have to pull off an impossible heist. It’s gritty and dark, but has loveable characters and heaps of action. If you like Six of Crows, I definitely think you might like Peaky Blinders!

what is peaky blinders about?
The content of Peaky Blinders is admittedly kind of different to Six of Crows, but here goes. It’s a period drama following the Shelby crime family, set right after World War One in 1919 Birmingham. In the first season, the central character, ambitious and cunning Thomas Shelby, comes to the attention of a police inspector as his family gains street power, leading to a cat and mouse chase with law enforcement. As a whole, the series follows The Shelby families struggle for power, their internal family conflict, and their various exploits masterminded by ambitious but ruthless Tommy Shelby.

why is it a good match for six of crows?
LOTS of people say Thomas Shelby is what Kaz Brekker would be if he was older and more ruthless and I could not agree more. Their characters feel very similar to me, and just like Kaz, Tommy is that character who always has a plan and is ten steps ahead of everyone else. The aesthetic also feels so similar, with that kind of gritty and grim city feel. The different plans and exploits the Shelby family perform to gain power do kind of feel similar to the Dregs, there is deceit and intricate plans and even a heist plot in one season ha. Peaky Blinders is definitely more adult than Six of Crows, and there is more graphic content (tw for a lot of violence/murder/language warnings and sexual assault content) but it feels a lot like Six of Crows if they were adult, a little more mean and living in 1919 and I LOVE this show.



Alright, after doing a popular YA lets throw it back to a classic YA – Divergent by Veronica Roth. While the hype for this series has well and truly died down now, in it’s time everyone loved it for it’s dystopian elements, the “sorting element” of society, and how the characters had to undergo all the different tasks to earn their spot in their faction. So for Divergent (and really any of those classic Dystopians from this era) you gotta hit up Netflix’ 3%!

what is 3% about?
3% is a dystopian series set in a near future Brazil where resources are scarce and the majority of the population lives in poverty. However, there is an elite city made up of 3% of the population called “the offshore” – a utopian society where resources are bountiful. Every year, 21 year olds can agree to take part in “The Process”, a series of tests and challenges which, if you pass, grants you the ability to leave the onshore and go to live with the elite 3% on the Offshore. We follow a range of characters, who are all taking the process with extremely different motives for doing so.

why is it a good match for divergent?
Like Divergent, we follow a girl who comes from the ‘lower’ or impoverished group and wants to join another. Many of the characters we follow genuinely believe in the process and want to join the offshore. There is also that whole sorting / testing element that determines which part of society you can be a part of. There is also so many classic dystopian elements, like an untrustworthy government / untrustworthy leaders, characters involved in resistances, and the audience not being given all the information due to the point of view. The main character we follow, Michelle, is also so similar to Tris and other dystopian YA characters in that they’re part of a resistance and are motivated by their family.



A more recent YA – A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro. This is a fresh take on Sherlock Holmes where Sherlock is a woman, Charlotte, and it’s set in the modern day. I think this book is popular for it’s modern approach and fresh mysteries which still take great inspiration from the original which is why Elementary is the perfect show for this book.

what is elementary about?
Elementary is a modern adaptation of Sherlock, set in New York. After a stint in rehab, Sherlock flees London to live in Manhattan, and hires a sober companion to live with him – Dr Joan Watson (played my Lucy Liu !) The show is mostly a procedural, following Joan and Sherlock as they solve cases as consultants for the NYPD, but it also incorporates classic sherlock storylines and characters, like the ones involving Moriarty and Mycroft.

why is it a good match for a study in charlotte?
Like A Study in Charlotte this plays with elements of the original Sherlock Holmes story and modernises them. It also has a new setting and changes the dynamics between Watson and Holmes a lot from the original. The plots are also kinda similar in that Elementary and A Study in Charlotte follow Watson and Holmes as they investigate cases, and  family members and other Holmes characters also appear, in modernised forms, just like A Study in Charlotte.



Stalking Jack the Ripper is a super popular series at the moment following a girl living during the ripper murders, who decides to try and solve them herself. Stalking Jack the Ripper brings a new take to Jack the Ripper and changes the story just a bit to create a new and more modern Ripper. Although this one is a little bit different, I think if you like Stalking Jack the Ripper you would probably like Whitechapel.

what is whitechapel about?
Whitechapel is a modern take on Jack the Ripper – set in present day Whitechapel, it follows a group of detectives who need to find a person who is committing crimes identical to the original Jack the Ripper.

why is it a good match for stalking jack the ripper?
Although many elements are quite different, I think if you like one you’ll like the other. Even though it is modern and doesn’t have a female MC, Whitechapel has lots of similar concepts to SJTR. It is a new take on Jack the Ripper where the Ripper may not be someone you expect. It also follows a procedural format like Stalking Jack the Ripper – that being there is a crime, then an investigation, and so on. Also, like how Stalking Jack the Ripper follows an investigation of someone else in each subsequent book, Whitechapel does the same thing by following a new copy cat crime in every season.


Troy: Fall of a City is a series following the lead up to the battle of Troy and the events that happened during the Siege on Troy. It follows primarily Helen and Paris but also involves all the Greek gods, as well as Patroclus, Achilles and other heroes like Ajax and Hector. It is the same story as The Song of Achilles (though not as focussed on Achilles) and actually portrays Patroclus and Achilles as romantically involved.

why is it a good match for the song of achilles?
If you liked The Song of Achilles and you like the story of Troy you’re pretty much guaranteed to like this since it is .. that. But the main reason this is better than the other Troy adaptions is that it actually depicts Patroclus and Achilles as in love, and that being the motivation behind Achilles actions at the end. Unfortunately you DO have to go through a lot of Helen and Paris mess to see Achilles and Patroclus but of all the adaptions I’ve seen, this is the one but close to the book.


Those are all the shows I’m going to talk about today !  Let me know if you agree with my choices, and what shows you think best match these books.

until next time!

sign off


  1. This was such an interesting post! I’ve been trying to find more TV shows to get into, so I need to check some of these out! I have been seeing a lot about Peaky Blinders recently.


  2. I was excited about A Study in Charlotte because I was convinced that both Holmes and Watson are girls in it, but then I found out Watson is still a guy? So I’m less excited since then 😀 But Elementary was so good.


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