I rank 100 YA books, from god tier to shit tier

Hi all  !   So today I’m here to do something literally no one asked for but hey, you get what you get while I’m still running this blog.

So recently on twitter there’s been a trend of ranking books based on ‘tiers’, ranking from ‘god tier’ (the best) to ‘shit tier’ (the worst).

I decided to run with this idea and make a full ranking of YA books, from god to shit tier, based on Goodreads pick for the best YA books of all time. I’m NOT including books I haven’t read in the tiers because like .. that ain’t fair! So essentially, I just kept going along in the list until I had (nearly) 100 YA books I’ve read, ranked from god tier to shit tier.

Little disclaimer: This is all based on MY thoughts on the books, and the ‘shit’ ones aren’t necessarily shit. Also, I read some of these a while ago, so my thoughts are based on what I thought of them back then.

Alright. Lets. Fucking. Go.



















Those are my rankings! Which ones do you agree with, and which ones do you not? I was surprised by how many of the most popular YA books I hadn’t read…

until next time!

sign off


7 thoughts on “I rank 100 YA books, from god tier to shit tier

  1. Ah you beat me to it! I really want to do this eventually. The books I pick will be pretty different, as I clearly haven’t read many of the books you’ve picked.


  2. Hard AGREE on most of these, except for we were liars which I would put in mid tier. All the bright places 100% deserves it’s placement. Also, out of curiosity, cause I have no opinion on the book, why is the twits in shit tier?

    Absolutely love this idea!


    1. Listen, I read it in when I was like 8 so my opinion is probably not even valid anymore but I just didn’t like it as a kid and as a kid I liked most books. I just remember strongly disliking it compared to Dahl’s other works. Also, growing up its pretty problematic, it pretty much is about how horrible people look ugly on the outside and how like fatness or having ‘unattractive features’ ( which were always lowkey ‘ethnic features’) was a reflection of being immoral which is just like ,, mess

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  3. I totally agree on We were liars, Looking for Alaska and Eleanor & Park! I don’t agree with The Raven Boys, Ari & Dante and The perks of being a wallflower. Those I really didn’t like 🙈 I love this idea!


  4. Wow, this must have been so hard! Hunger Games is one of the best series EVER so definitely agree on that one!


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