Hi all !  So it’s October 21, it’s nearly November – time to do my September wrap-up?

In all honesty, I thought I had published this post and turned out I hadn’t. I am an extremely bad blogger. That said, better late than never?

I had a fairly good reading month in September. I did manage to finish 8 books which was great considering I was so tired and busy all month. I also finished quite a lot of the books on my Structured TBR for that month which I was happy about too.


Image result for voss patrick white

➼ Voss by Patrick White

I read this for university and I had mixed feelings on it. Some chapters were really great and exciting and others not so much.

This is about a German explorer who travels into the middle of the desert, attempting to cross the entire continent. The chapters of Voss travelling into the desert were good but I found the other narrator, Laura, so boring.

This book is also on the 1001 Books to Read Before you Die List so I’ve now ticked that one off.



Image result for the word for world is forest

➼ The Word for World is Forest by Ursula Le Guin

This is Ursula Le Guin’s Hugo Award-winning novella about a group of Indigenous group who’s lives are upturned when aliens (humans) arrive on their planet and start logging the forest. It’s basically the exact same plot as Avatar (the blue people, not the Last Airbender)

This was a good and easy novella to read since the plot was so familiar. I’d definitely like to read more from Ursula Le Guin int he future, especially her longer works.




Image result for wicked fox
Korean cast. ★★★.5

➼ Wicked Fox (Gumiho #1) by Kat Cho

This was a book I was really highly anticipating. It was narrated by one of my favourite narrators, Emily Woo Zeller, so the audiobook was great.

This book started off amazing, a 4-5 star, but it slightly lost its way as it went on. This book felt too long, and was both bloated and sparse at the end? It felt like a lot happened, but none of it felt connected or meaningful to how the plot was set up at the beginning.

I will continue this series and give book 2 a try though



Image result for monkey grip book

➼ Monkey Grip by Helen Garner

This was another uni read for me. This follows an Australian woman who lives in a sharehouse and sleeps with a lot of different men, but is in love with one. The one she is in love with is an addict who flits in and out of the main characters life, but whenever she tries to disentangle herself from him she gets drawn back in.

This was bleak and gritty at times. I liked the representation of urban Australia and the main character but I did feel some of the nuances of this book went over my head.




Image result for station eleven
Gay characters. ★★★★.5

➼ Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Full Review:

This is a book I’ve really wanted to read for a long time so I’m so happy I finally got to it. This follows a range of characters living immediately after the vast majority of the world population is wiped out by flu. It explores the connection between people and the complex web of relationships that define humanity. This book also examines the intrinsic value of art and creativity in human cultures.




Image result for ice massacre
Lesbian MC. Lesbian LI. MC is a WOC. ★★★.5

➼ Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner

This book was chosen by my followers on Twitter as my book to read in September. I was excited about this choice because this is a book that had been on my TBR for years.

This is set on an island in the Pacific Ocean that sends a boat of men into the ocean to kill mermaids every year. But this year, they are sending women in the hope the mermaids won’t lure them to their death. It follows a girl who ends up falling for a mermaid and it’s such a great friends to enemies to lovers romance.




Image result for dart alice oswald

➼ Dart by Alice Oswald

This is a long-form poem I read for university as well. It is set on the River Dart in England and is based upon interviews Oswald conducted, asking people about their experiences living and working on the river. It incorporates their voices amongst the voices of the river, the trees, the rocks, the water nymphs, the ghosts and more to explore the history and the cultural impact this river has had on the area. This was a really amazing poem with some amazing language use and I enjoyed it a lot.





Image result for the republic of thieves

➼ The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch

The final book I read in September was The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch. This is the third book in the Gentleman Bastards series and also the most recent book to come out. So I’m finally up to date on this series!

Despite this being an unpopular opinion – this is actually my favourite of the books that are out. I really liked the political plot and the introduction of Sabetha, a character we’ve heard about a lot but not seen much of.

It could be a while until the fourth book comes out (it has been delayed a few times) but I’m looking forward to when it does release.




Books read: 8
Format: 2 audiobook, 2 audiobook/physical mix, 3 physical, 1 e-book
Genres: 2 classics, 4 fantasy, 1 dystopian, 1 poem,
Average rating: 3.68
Favourite book: Station Eleven
Least favourite: Monkey Grip


















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