what I read in January

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is having a great start to their 2021. I have personally found myself back in lockdown after ten months of living in a covid free state but, that’s okay! It’s given me some time to read, and some time to blog – which is great! So I decided I really should make a post for my January wrap-up.

This month I only read four books, but that is okay because I’ve been focussing on reading a bit less and reading more slowly. But even though it’s a small wrap-up I still thought I would share what I’ve read.

The Dragon Republic by R.F Kuang

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I decided to reread this before I finished off the series. I absolutely adore this series and I think I liked the second book even more the second time I read it. There is just so much to love about this series – the magic system is awesome, I love the characters and how all of them are so complex and harsh, the relationships between the characters are really intricate and detailed which I love because character driven stories, and the setting being based in a historical version of China, and the plot based on the second Sino-Japanese war, is just something I love a lot about this series. I had so much fun reading this again.

The Burning God by R.F Kuang

45857086. sy475

After rereading The Dragon Republic of course I immediately moved onto The Burning God. This was such an epic end to the series, I loved it so much. So much happened in this book it was just so exciting and action-packed and had an ending that was both satisfying and devastating. I’ll miss this series so much but I think it is one I will come back to again and again.

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

53152636. sy475

I had heard soo many good reviews of this book I had really high expectations and I actually enjoyed it so much! This is a gothic book set in Mexico (duh) which follows the main character Noemi trying to figure out why her cousin sent a mysterious letter begging for help. It’s super spooky and the plot unfurls really slowly in this really creepy atmosphere, and I loved that. I am writing a full review/discussion of this book so I hope that is out soon!

The Coal Curse: Resources, Climate and Australia’s Future by Judith Brett

54166894. sx318

These short essays are audible originals and I really like them because they are just like podcast length essays about issues in Australia. This one was exploring Australia’s reliance on the coal and gas export industry and how successive governments failure to make serious commitment to climate change is detrimental to Australia’s future. I really liked this, I’m looking forward to more of these essays.

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That is my very small January wrap-up! I’m hoping to read just a little bit more next month because I did have a slow month but it’s nice to have a short and sweet wrap-up. Also, I really liked everything I read this month.

Let me know what you read in January, I would love to hear!

until next time

One thought on “what I read in January

  1. R.F. Kuang’s books are no joke intimidating! They’ve been on my list for a while now and phew, are they some large ones. I’m glad you had a nice reading month!


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