Hi all !     It’s time to do my June wrap-up. This was such an up and down month for me. I read some books I loved but I also read some I hated. I read a few new to me things genre-wise I enjoyed and a few I didn’t enjoy so much. It was … More JUNE WRAP-UP


Hi all !     I’m coming to you at such a stressful and important moment in time right now. Before I start, I want to say I urge everyone to take their time today to do what they can for the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight for justice for the murder of George … More MAY WRAP-UP


So I was today years old when I realised I didn’t post my November Wrap-Up and it’s been in my drafts this entire goddamn time.  So despite it being very late into the month, here is my November wrap-up! I managed to get a lot of reading done in November! I’ve had quite a bit … More NOVEMBER WRAP-UP


Hi all !  It’s time for the October wrap-up already. Can you believe that !    This month has just absolutely flown by and I don’t even know where it went. Or what I did with it! Because I barely read anything!! I felt into a bit of a reading slump and it was so … More OCTOBER WRAP-UP