Hi all !  I know it is super late but I’m finally writing up my March wrap-up! I was so super busy in March and even April has been hectic so far so I didn’t get time to do it yet, but that is okay, I’m here now. Despite being so busy I did have … More MARCH WRAP-UP


Hi all  !   I’m here today to talk about the books I read in Feb. I had to restart this post because my original got uhh .. randomly deleted. So this is going to be a bit briefer then usual because I’m tired sorry!! This month I finished nine books which I’m really happy with, … More FEBRUARY WRAP-UP


Welcome back! Today I’m recapping all the books I read in December of 2018. In total I read ten books and five graphic novels. It was a pretty good reading month for me because three of the books were 500+ pages so I actually did a whole lot of reading. Although I didn’t finish my … More DECEMBER WRAP-UP


Welcome back! Today I’m writing up my November Wrap-UP, and it’s actually longer than I thought it would be. I thought I hadn’t read many books this month but I did actually read five and dnf one so it’s not too bad. My TBR this month was really loose. I just wanted to read what … More NOVEMBER WRAP-UP