Hi all !   I’m here today with my July wrap-up. I read THIRTEEN BOOKS this month which is so wild, and I also competed in AND FINISHED The Reading Rush 2019. I’ve been competing in The Reading Rush since 2016 and have never even got close to finishing it so I’m SO HAPPY I finally … More JULY WRAP-UP


Hi all!  It’s time for my June wrap-up already and wow, I definitely didn’t get all the reading I wanted to done this month but I still managed to finish eight books which is pretty good. ➼ Spying on Whales by Nick Pyenson The first book I read in June was actually non-fiction! This book has … More JUNE WRAP-UP


Hi all !  I know it is super late but I’m finally writing up my March wrap-up! I was so super busy in March and even April has been hectic so far so I didn’t get time to do it yet, but that is okay, I’m here now. Despite being so busy I did have … More MARCH WRAP-UP


Hi all  !   I’m here today to talk about the books I read in Feb. I had to restart this post because my original got uhh .. randomly deleted. So this is going to be a bit briefer then usual because I’m tired sorry!! This month I finished nine books which I’m really happy with, … More FEBRUARY WRAP-UP